An Informal Mentoring Program 


Jessica Belmares-Ortega

Ethan Wilson

Spring 24, Schedule 

NEURONAL (Neuroscience Experiences and Undergraduate Research Opportunities for Native Americans, African Americans, and Latinos/Hispanics)  aims to build a community of mentorship and support for students to meet their next scientific goals. A common goal among students is to obtain research experience and enroll in a graduate research program. As such, this program seeks to provide guidance on navigating college, graduate school, and alternative pathways toward a future profession in STEM through discussion between peers and STEM leaders. 

We meet monthly to discuss trending topics in science, connecting students at various levels and fields with principal investigators from various universities. Together we share graduate school resources and personal advice to establish a support network encouraging growth and discovery.

NEURONAL supports students from various backgrounds and study levels to create an early interest in STEM and seek unique research experiences, and provide early guidance and understanding in pursuing a related career pathway. Early discussion of these topics will improve student acceptance and retention in STEM educational programs and careers. Upon enrollment, the students will make a positive contribution to address outstanding questions not only in this field, but may also improve understanding at an interdisciplinary level. 

We thank all the visiting scientists for interacting with our mentees and Old Town Pizza for sponsoring pizzas. 

You can preregister for the program here  link

Virtual mentoring session 2021